Dogs are man’s best friend! What better way to celebrate the sweet softies than with fun canine-themed gifts? From books to pop-up cards to tea towels, here are some favorites from our most recent catalog.

Pawfect Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s an animal lover’s dream: a Christmas village populated entirely by cats and dogs! Our 3D Pawfect Christmas Advent Calendar expands to 11″x29″, revealing festively decorated row houses inhabited by scarf-wearing, Christmas-anticipating furry friends. Numbered windows and doors on the houses and shops (with names like CATZ Café and Paws for a While) open to count down the days until Christmas. The entire “block” props up to sit on a shelf or tabletop, the cute calendar making spirits bright throughout December!

Happy Dogs Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray

Good luck trying to fit these thirteen playful into the open “box” in our 7½”x6″ Happy Dogs Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray. It’s more difficult than it looks: Each intricately shaped piece measures about 1″-2″ long, several with tails that prove especially challenging to fit into place. Crafted and hand-finished in Lithuania of high-density fiberboard, the completed puzzle looks very cute on a coffee table or end table. It even doubles as a kitchen trivet or small tea tray for your drink!

Howling Halloween Audio Pop-Up Card

Doggone it, if these aren’t just the cutest trick-or-treaters you’ve ever seen! The festive canines gathered together on this card are decked out in their best Halloween costumes. With a pull of a tab, the large pumpkin dances and the vampire pup howls along to a jaunty tune!

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be

by Farley Mowat

Beloved Canadian novelist Farley Mowat was just a boy in 1929 when, newly arrived in the remote frontier town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, his mother purchased a runty puppy for four cents. Young Farley named the dog Mutt, an unprepossessing name for what turned out to be a most extraordinary dog. From his first (hilariously disastrous!) efforts as a retriever during hunting season to his affinity for scaling fences and ladders to the bizarre combat techniques that disquieted the rest of Saskatoon’s dogs, Mutt was a dog unlike any other…and the best friend a boy could have. Rich in wit, verve, and love, this charming memoir is a must-read! (KG)

I don’t know how I missed reading this book all these years. It was instantly one of my favorites of my long life. It has brightened up our gloomy times and I will be sending my grandkids a copy for Christmas. -a Bas Bleu customer

Dog Breed Tea Towels

We find collective nouns to be utterly delightful, so is it any wonder we love these tea towels from the United Kingdom? Illustrations of popular dog breeds are paired with wonderfully apt collective nouns, perfect for adding a dash of linguistic charm to canine-centered homes. Choose from “a mischief of beagles,” “a wiggle of dachshunds,” “a romp of labs,” “a nuzzle of golden retrievers,” “an oodle of poodles,” or “a schnuggle of schnauzers.” Our Dog Breed Tea Towels measure 19″x30″ and feature bright pops of color on 100% cotton. What a fun gift for the word and dog lover you know!

I’ve had two beagle mixes in my life and “mischief” describes them well! They’re little escape artists, but they’re also fun and loveable! I miss Nicki and Brownie, but I will think about them every time I see this pretty, practical, and well-made towel. -a Bas Bleu customer

Little Notes – Dogs

Sometimes less really is more! These whimsical little (3½”x2″) cards are just the right size for jotting a short, sweet message to remember. Use them as gift inserts, tuck them into lunch boxes, slip a sentimental keepsake into your partner’s wallet, present a “thank you!” tip to your pet sitter…. Our Little Notes® from e.Frances are also the perfect size for DIY calling cards: Scribble down your phone number, email address, or snail-mail address for a new neighbor or friend. We’re offering three different designs— Cats, Dogs, and Chickadees—each available in a pack of eighty-five cards. And our handmade 2½” Ceramic Holder keeps the cards at the ready on your desk or kitchen counter, a handy stash that’s small in size but big on charm.

Singing Dogs Happy Birthday Card

For the friend whose fur babies are everything to them—or for the neighbor who kindly checks on your fur babies when you’re out of town—these chuckle-inducing 5″x7″ pop-up birthday cards will most definitely brighten someone’s big day. Our Singing Dogs Happy Birthday Card features a rambunctious crew of pups at the dog park. Simply press the button in the upper corner of the card to hear a feline symphony or canine choir meow or bark a birthday tune! A small tab lets you prop up the cute 3D card for display, and the back offers ample space to pen birthday greetings. Card folds flat for mailing in included envelope (extra postage required).

Everyone, from my 4 year old niece to my aged friends love this card. It eventually was worn out by my niece, London, but even the sturdiest of cards couldn’t stand up under the stress of being passed around in her preschool. If I remember, the dogs give us the whole birthday song ?! All your pop-up cards are quite wonderful. since becoming a Bas Bleu member I eschew all gift stores in search of cards. Why bother?? -a Bas Bleu customer

Great American Dog Stories

edited by Nancy Butler and Lamar Underwood

Great American Dog Stories features nineteen classic short stories about man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Jack London writes a heartbreaking story about a dog’s natural proclivity for home. Mark Twain spins a tale from a dog’s perspective, written in the wandering, colloquial voice that seems so typical of the excitable creatures. Sarah Knowles Bolton’s chronicle of a dog’s life exemplifies how anchored pets are to their owners. This endearing collection featuring some of American literature’s greatest scribes skillfully illuminates our heartfelt connection to our four-legged companions. (RR)