For editors of a book catalog, creativity is not only helpful, it’s necessary. Linguistic creativity is useful when writing copy, creative thinking is instrumental during our planning processes, and artistic creativity becomes handy when designing exclusive apparel, accessories, and more. It’s rare that we’re at our creative best in every single aspect, so sometimes we get assistance from the myriad talented artists and vendors that fill our pages.


Make glorious, amazing mistakes.

-Neil Gaiman


Some of our artists have worked with us in the past, while some are new cohorts or old friends with some extra time on their hands. Sometimes artists send us portfolios to peruse, and other times, we work more directly with a vendor to create an original design.


There are aspects of music that I borrow and use in my work: repetition and revision. A big part of jazz is repeat and revise, and repeat and revise. That’s what my work is all about.

-Suzan-Lori Parks


If we collaborate on a design with a vendor, they are typically able to complete and fill the order themselves. If we select a design from an artist, however, we then have to decide what to print the design on— whether it be a sweatshirt, a puzzle, a mug, or something else.


I always seems to be trying to do six or seven different poems at the same time and just hoping I can keep them all well nurtured enough so that one of them will suddenly get strong enough to take over all by itself until it is done.

-Elizabeth Bishop


Our parent company Universal Screen Arts is able to bring many of our designs to life with its impressive screen printing capabilities, which is why you’ll find lots of original T-shirts, sweatshirts, tea towels, totes, and more at Bas Bleu. We’re also able to source customized jewelry, puzzles, ornaments, home décor, note cards, and all kind of other products from domestic and international manufacturers.


Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes– including you.

Anne Lamott


What designs should you watch out for as we begin our 2022 planning? Well, we’re working with artists to create unique shirts, earrings, and tea towels… And there’s always room for more!


Ruptures almost always lead to a stronger project.

-Anne Carson

Feeling creative? We’re still open for submissions!