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The Weekend

This beautifully written Australian novel takes place over a Christmas weekend, as three lifelong friends—all women now in their seventies—gather to clean out the beach house of the recently deceased fourth member of their quartet. Brilliantly poignant and subtly funny, The Weekend manages to incisively explore the complexities of aging, grieving, friendship, and love without being maudlin or sentimental.
Invitation to Draw

Drawing is more than a distraction! For kids (and adults!) of all ages, it helps build creativity, focus, strategic thinking, coordination, and so much more. Invitation to Draw combines artistic expression with abstract suggestions to drive creative problem solving. Each page has the beginning strokes of a design, with a suggestion for inspiration, such as "Make your own signs: What do these signs say? What are they used for?" and "Invent a machine: These gears are part of a machine you're inventing. What does the rest of the machine look like? What is it making?" With ninety-nine drawing prompts, perforated pages, and tips for new artists, this book will inspire, encourage, and excite!
Small Pleasures

Jean Swinney is living a routine life in 1957 London, caring for her housebound mother, writing women's stories for her local paper, and fearing she's lost her chance for love, when a succinct letter from Gretchen Tilbury changes her course forever. Writing in response to Jean's news story on parthenogenesis, Gretchen claims her daughter Margaret is the result of a virgin birth. This is not a story of religious reawakening, but rather one of confronting expectations, searching for happiness, and finding love in the wrong places.
The Dead Letter

Richard Redfield nurses an unrequited crush on the fiancée of community pillar Henry Moreland. When Moreland is found stabbed to death, suspicion inevitably falls on Richard. Eager to clear his name, he seeks the assistance of renowned detective Burton, who claims that he and his young daughter, Lenore, possess extraordinary powers of clairvoyance. This detective novel from 1866 deftly juggles the mundane and the supernatural.
London's Number One Dog-Walking Agency

Leaving her office job at Sotheby's, Kate MacDougall started a dog-walking business in 2006, shocking colleagues and contradicting her mother's expectations. In this heartfelt memoir, she details the life of Stanley, a stubborn mutt who refused to walk past the front yard; Winston, a lab with a compulsively clean owner; Dolly, a silky terrier owned by a withdrawn celebrity; and many other unique canines. Charming accounts of her own life— and her own woefully overweight dog—are delightfully woven in as well. This is a witty, intimate book that will make you laugh and cry in equal amounts, and fill you with love for dogs you've never met.
The Last Flight

Claire Cook and Eva James are strangers from very different worlds, but with a common goal: to disappear. After meeting at an airport bar, they swap plane tickets, phones, and IDs, hoping to leave their old lives behind. Claire takes off for Eva's hometown of Oakland and Eva heads for Claire's work-trip destination of Puerto Rico. But when the Puerto Rico flight crashes, Claire finds herself propelled into a new existence even more perilous than her last.
2022 Bas Bleu Year of Novels

A whole year full of books? Best present ever! Treat your favorite bibliophile - or yourself (you deserve it!) - to this eclectic collection of top-notch fiction. Our Year of Novels includes The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick; Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers; The Paris Hours by Alex George; The Ghost of Frederic Chopin by Eric Faye and translated by Sam Taylor; The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly; The All-Night Sun by Diane Zinna; The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel; The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard; The Fortnight in September by R. C. Sherriff; The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey; This Is Happiness by Niall Williams; and The Weekend by Charlotte Wood.
The Book of Weird and Unusual Trivia

This collection is perfect for those who absorb information as fast as they can digest it. The Book of Weird and Unusual Trivia is crammed with stories that are eerie, unexpected, and just plain bizarre. The only downside to all this knowledge? No one will be able to compete with your trivial prowess!