Thanks for a great year, bluestockings! We’re so thankful to be supported by such a wonderful group of bibliophiles. Here are a few other things we’re thankful for…

We’re thankful for bookmarks
Old receipts, sticky notes, the inside flap of a hardcover book
Forgotten notepaper, fridge magnets, unused tea bags.

We’re thankful for shelves
Sagging with double-stacked books, scattered throughout the house
Organized by genre, by author, by title, by order acquired.

We’re thankful for bookends
Candles never lit, vases with dried flowers, elegant figurines
Lamps, plants in heavy pots, books efficiently stacked.

We’re thankful for lighting
Strategically placed, caught from the fading sun in the window
A mini book light from the airport, a squint in the dark.

We’re thankful for fresh finds
An eye-catching cover in the bookstore window, an Instagram ad
Reading lists, librarian recommendations, unread books from the back of our shelves.

We’re thankful for cozy spaces
Reading nooks, a sunny bench, the back corner of the library
Quiet cafés, sleepy spots on the sofa with a lounging kitty.

And we’re thankful for you.
Your responses, your recommendations, your love for books
Your appreciation of the beautiful things, your search for something new and better.

If you’re reading this, know that we appreciate you. Have ideas for the New Year? Inspire us in the comments below!