Who is Bas Bleu?

Winter 2015 CatalogBas Bleu is a “bookseller by post”—which is a melodic way of saying we’re a mail-order company. Our catalog offers a unique, handpicked selection of odd little books and literary gifts, personally reviewed by our small editorial staff. We sort through thousands of new offerings from publishers to find those books that offer some combination of cleverness, wisdom, imagination, and joy. We started our company in 1994 and mailed 50,000 copies of our first edition. Today we mail millions of copies every year to avid readers all over the country!

In 2013, we opened the “doors” of the Bluestocking Salon, a weekly blog of literary musings about the bluestocking life. Here you’ll find recommended reading lists, craft projects using books, literary celebrations of various holidays, recipes from our favorite cookbooks, book-club discussion questions, our thoughts on TV and movie adaptations of books…generally, a celebration of the many ways books make our lives better.

We hope you become a regular visitor to the Bluestocking Salon! And if you’d like to see more of our carefully chosen books and bookish things, be sure to request your own copy of the Bas Bleu catalog.


  1. LV2write&read

    Can your books or book packages be ordered in large print?

    1. Bas Bleu

      Unfortunately, no. You’re not the first reader to request large-print editions, but publishers only offer them on occasion, for certain titles. In the future, we hope to be able to offer large-print editions when/if they are available.

  2. LV2write&read

    Thank you. Was asking for my sister – thinking of Xmas gift. May have to surprise myself with same gift (in reg. print, of course).

    1. Bas Bleu

      Always feel free to ask! We think you’d love this gift for yourself…and we’re pretty sure you deserve it.

  3. Faith Laskaris,

    Please take me off your mailing list.

    1. Bas Bleu

      We’ve made the change to our mailing list. You may receive one or two more catalogs, but shouldn’t receive any more after that. Also, we’re going to edit your original comment to remove your address, for the sake of privacy. Thank you.

  4. Lyn Tomlinson

    I would like to recommend a book I think your readers would enjoy. Who do I send the information to?

    1. Bas Bleu

      You may send recommendations to our editorial team at editors[at]basbleu.com

  5. karen sorvari

    Years ago, I loved a series but cannot remember the name of the author or any of the titles. It was about a family that lived through the wars here in America. Each war introduced a new member of the family. I think the name ‘Tabitha’ was one of the characters. A friend of mine named the series instantly several years ago, but she moved to Colorado and I lost touch with her. Is this familiar to any of your group?
    p.s. Love your catalogue! I have no idea how my name got on your mailing list, but I am delighted!

    1. Bas Bleu

      Hi, Karen, thanks for you inquiry. That series doesn’t ring a bell right off the bat, but we’ll put our heads together and see if we can come up with an answer for you. We’re so glad our catalog found you!

    2. Bas Bleu

      We haven’t forgotten about you, Karen, but we haven’t had any luck with your book search! If you can remember any other details, that would be helpful, even just about the “tone” of the books. Thanks!

  6. Leeann Zouras

    Hi, Will you please fix this typo in your latest blog post on heart disease?

    “Stuck” should be “struck” in the sentence below:

    When his beloved wife Jane was stuck by cancer, he turned her suffering and his grief at losing her into poetry and prose.

    Thanks, Leeann

    1. Bas Bleu

      Good catch! Fixed now. Thank you, Leeann.

  7. Marie Burroughs

    Can I submit an order now to be delivered for Christmas? In other words,can the delivery of orders be delayed/ timed in any way?

    1. Bas Bleu

      Good morning, Marie, and thanks for your inquiry. I’m not 100% sure if we can provide a delayed/time delivery for your order, so I’m going to have our customer service supervisor email you with more information. Thank you for supporting Bas Bleu! –Katherine, Bas Bleu editor

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