Autumn Poems: 12 Verses for the Season

A crisp breeze drifted through our neighborhood last weekend, scouting the path ahead, perhaps, for autumn’s approach. Somehow this summer has seemed both endless and fleeting, and the thought of cooler temperatures, burnished sunlight, and—dare we say it?—long sleeves is at the forefront of our minds on humid afternoons. Though the heat lingers here in Bas Bleu’s hometown of Atlanta, our editors have turned the calendar page to September…and selected a dozen of our favorite autumn poems with which to beckon the new season. (To read each poem in full, click on the title or image.) Continue reading

Autumn Reading List 2020

open book on wooden bench with apples

The mercury may feel stuck at “blazing hot summer,” but Bas Bleu‘s new Autumn 2020 edition is blowing into mailboxes like a cool breeze! Inside you’ll find engrossing new books to refresh your TBR stack, along with wonderful little gifts to captivate your imagination…and to jump-start your holiday shopping. This time we’ve included four Autumn Reading Collections: Novels, Mysteries, Nonfiction, and one collection dedicated to “vintage” Bas Bleu booksellers. To help you create your autumn reading list, our editors have selected fifteen of our favorite picks, including several absorbing reads by authors of color. Continue reading

Autumn Reading List 2019

open book on autumn leaves

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” Like George Eliot, we love “delicious autumn”…and after this hot, steamy summer, the new season can’t come soon enough! Fortunately, your favorite harbinger of fall—Bas Bleu’s Autumn 2019 edition—is here, filled with wonderful books and literary treats! (Feeling proactive? Take a gander at our Advent calendars and other holiday gifts, too.) Continue reading

Back to School Reading List 2017

Across the country this month, schoolbuses are rolling through the streets and backpack-laden youngsters are headed back to school. And while we don’t miss the days of cafeteria lunches and mid-term exams, we do find ourselves nostalgic for getting grades just for sitting around reading a book. So in the spirit of back-to-school reading, our editors have chosen a dozen of our favorite books from Bas Bleu’s new Autumn 2017 edition—due in mailboxes this week!—for bibliophiles who read not because the teacher told you to, but because you love it! Continue reading

Back-to-School Reading List 2016

Book Satchel

As August melts into September and America’s students head back to school, those of us long-since graduated from the classroom shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun. No, we’re not volunteering for pop quizzes or term papers, but we are raising our hands high to read a fresh crop of awesome books! Luckily, the Autumn 2016 edition of the Bas Bleu catalog is scheduled to land in mailboxes today. (You can check out our virtual catalog online if your postal carrier is tardy…and you just can’t wait!) Continue reading

Back-to-School Reading List 2015

autumn landscape

In our neck of the woods, summer doesn’t exactly drift into autumn like the falling leaves. It’s simply scorching hot until it’s…not. Nonetheless, we’ve recently spied a few non-meteorological signs that autumn is headed our way: School buses are running through the neighborhoods, football teams are scrimmaging on the practice fields, and Bas Bleu’s Autumn 2015 catalog is fresh off the presses!

In this issue, you’ll find tons of new gift items and, of course, plenty of new books to sink your teeth into. Our editors have chosen a dozen of our particular favorites to share with you here; you can see all of our new offerings in the catalog and on our website. For a brief plot “teaser,” hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review at Happy reading! Continue reading

Back-to-School Reading List 2014

It seems like just yesterday Bas Bleu was firing up the grill for Memorial Day, yet kids across the country already are heading back to school. While we don’t envy them their math tests, history papers, or gym classes, we are a little jealous thinking about all of the amazing books they’ll discover this year.

But never fear! Just because you aren’t packing fresh pencils and a new Trapper Keeper into your bag this week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pile of amazing new books at your fingertips. Continue reading