Kudos To (and From) You

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We have the best customers in the book business. Hands down. Bar none. Without a doubt. You share our passion for books and reading, and you’ve supported our quirky little catalog for more than two decades. And for twenty-one years, our readers have sent us wonderful letters and e-mails, even scribbling little notes in the margins of Bas Bleu order forms. Those kind words delight us and, on more than one occasion, have boosted our flagging spirits. Today in the Bluestocking Salon, we thought you might enjoy reading some of the wonderful messages we’ve received over the years. We can’t possibly include them all, but here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading

Deer Me! (Or, Holiday Trivia)

Reading Reindeer OrnamentBecause Bas Bleu’s customers are awesome, helpful people, we received quite the flurry of correspondence after our Autumn 2014 issue debuted. Mostly you told us that you loved the new books and gifts we chose for the catalog. But several eagle-eyed readers pointed out what you feared was an editing mistake on our part: referring to our Reading Reindeer Ornament as a “she.” If there’s one thing we remember from childhood—thank you, Julie Andrews!—it’s that a doe is a deer, a female deer. But how, you asked, can our hooved bibliophile be a doe when she has antlers?  Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Bas Bleu!

Anniversary CoverThis week, our Spring 2014 catalog lands in mailboxes around the country, signifying—we hope!—the end of a long, hard winter and the beginning of those sunny, fragrant days that beckon us outside with a good book. And in addition to introducing you to more than one hundred new books and bookish gifts, our Spring issue celebrates something extra special: Bas Bleu’s 20th anniversary! Continue reading

Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving falls later than usual this year, but here in the Bluestocking Salon, we’re celebrating early. (Not with the turkey and football, mind you. We’ll be tucking into those treats on November 28, along with the rest of the country.) But this week, as the Bas Bleu team prepares for its busiest season of the year, we’re taking a minute to stop, catch our collective breath, and count our blessings. And topping our list of what we’re thankful for:

You. Continue reading