Bookish Holiday Crafts

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Thanksgiving is just two weeks away—better start basting that turkey!—and Christmas is hot on its heels. Because you’ve probably already made your gift list and checked it twice (if not, we can help with that), now is the time to turn your attention to what really matters: holiday decorating! Here in Bas Bleu’s Bluestocking Salon, we believe books make everything better. Why not your holiday décor? In keeping with the spirit of life as bibliophiles, we’ve rustled up several festive craft projects that are sure to add a literary flair to your seasonal celebrations!  Continue reading

Bookish Babies

Little BookwormHere at Bas Bleu we’re happily awaiting the arrival of a new baby bluestocking, and the impending delivery reminded us: It’s never too early to share our love of books with our children—no matter how young they are!

Baby Names
Like a parent’s love, your child’s moniker will be one of the few things in life he or she cannot escape. It will precede its bearer into school, a job, even relationships, often serving as the very first impression that person makes. Family names are swell (we have more than a few in our office), but we’re also partial to those who owe their staying power to a really great book. Continue reading

Saying “I Do”…with Books!

book favorsWith Christmas right around the corner*, you’re probably wondering why we’ve chosen mid-December to blog about weddings. Two reasons: First, a beloved member of the Bas Bleu family recently said “I do,” leaving us all feeling pretty sentimental. Second, weddings take time to plan, people! And if the happy couple you know has any chance of pulling together a literature-themed wedding by summer, they had better start planning NOW. Whether designing the entire day around a single beloved book or simply sprinkling bibliophilic touches throughout, what better way is there for bluestockings in love to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives? Continue reading

Make Your Own Bookish Advent Calendar

Last December, one of our reviewers popped in at her neighbors’ home to discover a delightful surprise. The family of four was counting down the days to Christmas with a unique take on the traditional Advent calendar—one made entirely of books!

Inspired by a concept they spied online, the parents wrapped up twenty-four holiday-themed children’s books, numbered each, and arranged them on a shelf in their living room. Every night in December, sons Henry and Simon unwrapped the package corresponding with that day’s date, then the family sat down together to read their new book before bedtime.

Advent Calendar

Continue reading

A Bookish Halloween

Harold-FamilyOctober is here, ushering in cool, crisp air, shorter days and longer nights, and—perhaps most important—the countdown to Halloween! Whether you’re crafting costumes for kids or decking yourself out to beg candy from charitable strangers, we thought you might appreciate these book-inspired costume suggestions. Most of these ensembles can be made at home for not-so-much money, though several do require some skill with a needle and thread. Continue reading

New Life for Old Books

Readers have an instinctive aversion to anything that threatens our books, their stories, and the haven they create. So it should go without saying that we view book burning as sacrilege, have been known to dig through a stranger’s trash to retrieve a discarded novel, and generally take exception to anything that contributes to the destruction of our Beloved Ones.

We are willing, however, to suspend our righteous indignation when we come across someone who rescues old books and puts them to new and creative uses. Today in the Bluestocking Salon, we thought we’d share with you three of our favorite examples of literary “reincarnation.” Continue reading