On Love and Marriage

Love OrnamentNext month, one of our editors will officiate a wedding, a situation for which she has been granted a terrifying amount of leeway. To prepare, she did what any self-respecting bluestocking would do: scoured novels and poetry collections to mine the romantic musings of writers more expert than she. Now we’re offering up a baker’s dozen of her literary discoveries for your benefit. Continue reading

Saying “I Do”…with Books!

book favorsWith Christmas right around the corner*, you’re probably wondering why we’ve chosen mid-December to blog about weddings. Two reasons: First, a beloved member of the Bas Bleu family recently said “I do,” leaving us all feeling pretty sentimental. Second, weddings take time to plan, people! And if the happy couple you know has any chance of pulling together a literature-themed wedding by summer, they had better start planning NOW. Whether designing the entire day around a single beloved book or simply sprinkling bibliophilic touches throughout, what better way is there for bluestockings in love to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives? Continue reading