Q&A: Nishan Akgulian

Holiday Cover DThose of you who are longtime members of the Bas Bleu family are familiar with the delightful and droll catalog cover images created by graphic artist Nishan Akgulian. Nishan’s brightly colored paintings of readers—both human and animal, child and adult, at home, on the subway, even on the ball field—deftly capture the humor, whimsy, and (we like to think) style that infuses so much of the bluestocking life. Nishan’s most recent catalog cover, for our Holiday 2014 issue, is due to arrive in your mailbox around Thanksgiving. (You’ll recognize that handsome antlered reader to the right!) While you wait, we thought you’d like to learn a little bit more about the talented artist whose work has meant so much to Bas Bleu over the years.  Continue reading

Birth of a Bas Bleu Cover

It’s no secret that Georgia-based painter/illustrator/creative wonder Ande Cook is one of our favorite artists: Her vibrant images have graced many a Bas Bleu catalog cover. Most recently, we commissioned her to create a painting for our Spring 2013 issue. The result? A cheerful, whimsical image of a mini-menagerie enjoying the blossoming beauty of the season.

This week in the Bluestocking Salon, Ande guides us through her creative process, providing a step-by-step look into the creation of “The Babysitter.” Continue reading