18 Lessons I Learned from Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew silhouetteRecently the news broke that there’s a plot afoot to reboot Nancy Drew–not on the page (heresy!) but on the television screen, as a 30-something NYPD detective. As a lifelong devotee of the valiant girl detective, I have mixed emotions about Hollywood meddling with the plucky teenage private eye who had such a powerful influence on my life and generations of other American readers. But until Hollywood deigns to consult Bas Bleu about its literary adaptations (what a wonderful world that would be!), I’m sharing my list of eighteen life lessons I learned from Miss Drew. (Why eighteen? Because Nancy is eternally eighteen!) Continue reading

The Books That Shape Us: Nancy Drew

Secret of the Old ClockFrom time to time, Bas Bleu’s editors will share with you some of the books that have had a profound impact on our lives. They won’t necessarily be grand literary classics or hard-hitting political tomes. They will be books that have stayed with us over the years and shaped who we are. If you’d like to share a significant title from your own life, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

I don’t remember precisely who introduced me to Nancy Drew. Chances are good it was my grandmother Frances, if only because I remember her keeping copies of the original Nancy Drew hardcovers in the room my sister and I shared when we visited her, books she read aloud to me at bedtime. Gran was not an avid reader (unless you count the local newspaper), but she loved that I was. When her sister-in-law, my great-aunt, asked what books she should send me for Christmas, Gran told her, “Nancy Drew.” Continue reading