Spring Fever

We’re making a break for it.

We’ve got stacks of books to read for our Summer issue, the Southern sunshine is beckoning us outside into the long-awaited spring, and the plumbers downstairs are making one helluva racket. (Plus our boss is out of town; you won’t tell on us, right?) But just because we’re itching to play hooky doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you high and dry. This week in the Bluestocking Salon we’ve collected several news items from the reading world, teasers for what’s headed your way in the coming weeks, and some advice on spring cleaning those bookshelves.

books with bag

Just a few of the books under consideration for our Summer catalog. (You should see our office shelves!)

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Saying “I Do”…with Books!

book favorsWith Christmas right around the corner*, you’re probably wondering why we’ve chosen mid-December to blog about weddings. Two reasons: First, a beloved member of the Bas Bleu family recently said “I do,” leaving us all feeling pretty sentimental. Second, weddings take time to plan, people! And if the happy couple you know has any chance of pulling together a literature-themed wedding by summer, they had better start planning NOW. Whether designing the entire day around a single beloved book or simply sprinkling bibliophilic touches throughout, what better way is there for bluestockings in love to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives? Continue reading

Paper, Please

Books Are Better TeeSince opening the doors of the Bluestocking Salon in March, we’ve shared bookish thoughts, literary news items, and more with you, our fellow bibliophiles. You may have noticed, however, our studied avoidance of the elephant in the room, the one with a flat screen and a charging cord. But since we can only dance the waltz around them for so long, today we’re going to talk about e-readers. Continue reading

New Life for Old Books

Readers have an instinctive aversion to anything that threatens our books, their stories, and the haven they create. So it should go without saying that we view book burning as sacrilege, have been known to dig through a stranger’s trash to retrieve a discarded novel, and generally take exception to anything that contributes to the destruction of our Beloved Ones.

We are willing, however, to suspend our righteous indignation when we come across someone who rescues old books and puts them to new and creative uses. Today in the Bluestocking Salon, we thought we’d share with you three of our favorite examples of literary “reincarnation.” Continue reading